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Committees/Working Parties and Representatives 2018/19

Full Council All councillors
Planning Committee Cllr A Hibberd (Chairman)
Cllr K Murton
Cllr D Tooke
Cllr S Greenland
Cllr H Morris
Finance Committee

Cllr D Tooke (Chairman)
Cllr G Logan
Cllr A Hibberd
Cllr M Smethers

Local Plan Review Liaison Committee All 9 Cllrs
Working Parties
97 Bus Working Party Mrs M Humby, Cllr G Logan, Cllr J Walker and representatives of Knowlton and Cranborne Parish Councils
Representatives for External Bodies
DAPTC (Eastern Area)
Village Hall Committee
Scouts Liaison
Recreation Association Committee (Including attending Pavilion Project meetings as a stakeholder representative)
Cllr A Hibberd & Cllr G Logan
Cllr J Walker
Cllr M Smethers
Cllr A Hibberd & Cllr S Greenland
Representatives for Parish Amenities
Recreation Equipment Inspections
Footpath Officers
Grit Bins/Winter Maintenance
APC Flowerbed Upkeep
Cllr A Hibberd & Cllr S Greenland
Cllr A Hibberd & Cllr J Walker
Cllr D Tooke & Cllr H Morris
Cllr A Hibberd
Cllr J Walker
Cllr K Murton & Cllr G Logan
All Cllrs