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Parish Councillors   

If you wish to email a Councillor please do so through the parish office email address

Mrs Gina Logan
 Phone Icon01425 656839
Janet Walker
Mrs Janet Walker

Phone Icon 01425 654562

Adrian Hibberd
Mr Adrian Hibberd
(Vice Chairman)
 Phone Icon01425 652049

 Mr Stuart Greenland
01425 657467

Mr Stuart Archer
             01425 655168             



Photo to be added



Dr Hywel Morris
Phone Icon
01425 656250   

 Mr Martin Smethers
Phone Icon 01425 652196

 Mr David Tooke
Phone Icon 01425 655442

                 Ms Kate Murton
              Phone Icon 01425 654169


To view and download the document for Parish Councillors' Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in relation to the Code of Conduct, please click here